Lupe Fiasco Stops Show After Getting Rocked With a Tomato


While Lupe Fiasco was performing “Kick, Push” in Salt Lake City, an unruly fan decided to throw a tomato at him for no good reason. He was at the end of the song and had his face turned away from the balcony section when the tomato came flying down at him.

Lupe stopped the music and told everyone in the balcony sections to come down to the main floor, otherwise he wouldn’t continue the show. He didn’t feel like running the risk of getting pelted with any more produce. He pointed out who he believed to be the culprit behind the tomato attack – “a fat, white b*tch,” but fans in the balcony section refused to exit the area so he ended the show before it was scheduled to finish.

Footage captured the entire incident clearly. He also went on to tweet about the tomato incident and stated that he will be creating t-shirts based off of the hailstorm of tomatoes.

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