Message to AHAT fans


Battle America has mailed us one of the rap battles from Feb 17. We should recieve it within the next few days. We cannot upload the video until we recieve the footage. The other two battles from that night are Battle Americas battles and we have no control on when they post those battles. As for the Fatz – Philly Swain battle, Syrrup League has the battle and they will upload it once they get their technical difficulties figured out, we have no control over when they post that battle.
We are going to upload a cipher video tomorrow.


3 Responses to Message to AHAT fans

  1. smitty1428 says:

    You guys need a production team! However, you are already aware of this issue. Im sure you have this matter in control but if you need some guidence let me know.

  2. %Jt says:

    ahat needs a camera man and a new editor yo.

  3. mamba_regime says:

    You blew it..negative feedback did too much damage. We all know you got Arti vs Rex and aint nobody really checking 4 that 3wks later. CB+Keion+E-Major…start focusing on AHAT future…cuz all your so called top tier guys either washed or looking at the front door (Hi Fatz,Doms,Menace!).

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