Euroz: The Foundation (mixtape)



Euroz, a 24 year old emcee who was born in Vegas by way of Atlanta didn’t discover his lyrical talent until he was 21 years old. While taking the time out to hone in on his skills and come into his own as an artist. Self-proclaimed perfectionist Euroz would compile material and nitpick until he was satisfied. After a couple years of observing, and creating he decided to release material via Twitter, Soundcloud, and submitting music to hip-hop blogs etc. While he preps for his sequel “The Foundation 2”, Euroz is expected to drop a joint project with an artist named Easy Redd which is titled “KRAY” sometime in December 2012. With his highly anticipated debut mixtape “The Foundation” which was released in October Euroz received an overwhelming amount of recognition from the hip hop industry.
What’s Next For Euroz? Blak on Blak Enterprise and You World Global Media, INC came together in a strategic move to bring Euroz vision to the world. His hot new single “Exorcism” feat Meek Mill.

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  1. I like this mixtape, especially the first four tracks, I recommend the artist to push his music in the UK too, as we like this kind of music, but yeah this mixtape is a work of art! Keep it up Euroz

  2. Nice artwork. The chair looks like an antique. (RED)

  3. Alena R says:

    nice mix! -seeme

  4. @Est_Wood77 says:


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