Ne-yo gets sued by former manager


Even though this video is kind of a joke the guy rapping (David Wallace) in the video is really Ne-yo’s former manager and he is really in litigation with Ne-yo about this matter. Ne-yo has tried to settle this case out of court by offering Mr. Wallace a fairly small settlement ($300,000) but Mr. Wallace decided to continue with the court preceedings in hopes of getting a bigger settlement. One a side note David Wallace is a co-worker of OD’s at Power 88 in Las Vegas.

2 Responses to Ne-yo gets sued by former manager

  1. KJ FAME says:

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  2. Corey says:

    Too bad he died, but he shouldn’t have been lying tryin to shake Neyo down for money that he had nothing to do with making. He managed a group of kids under an agreement he made to be compensated for his time, with his own friend from sony records, he didn’t do his job and got fired, the group disbanded and went their separate ways onto individual success and he was trying to cash in on their individual success. Shame shame we know your name.

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