OD announces new AHAT Vegas President


6 Responses to OD announces new AHAT Vegas President

  1. keuchnippel says:

    Od is and will always be The best Host!

  2. if Fresh Ave were still alive, it would probably be him. R.i.P.

    That said, i’m totally down with this, good call OD. My only question is does that mean Danny won’t be battling anymore? He’s probably the greatest emcee in the league. Nothin against Fatz, Grinda, Nov (where did Nov go???), Triggaaah! and Doms cuz them my doggs too.

  3. Hellrazor says:

    fresh ave?

  4. Hellrazor says:

    THANK YOU DANNY!!..for saying no whack battles!!!! jesus christ hahaha good luck man..and OD thanks for clearing that up cause that other video you were sounding like you got fired hahahaha…..had the shades on trying to fight the tears LMAO!!

  5. max says:

    what the name on the little savador homie that past away ….and what happent to jump off tv

  6. HAMI5 says:

    Good call OD. That is all.

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