13 Responses to OD asks for AHAT fans input

  1. bkocher says:

    yoo O.D. WHATT HAPPENED???

  2. Hellrazor says:


  3. Hellrazor says:

    hahahahahahahahaha…i want the director’s cut, not the PG version!! lmao

  4. bkocher says:


  5. OD says:

    Looks like the fans have spoken. I’ll post it tomorrow

  6. bkocher says:

    O.D. post it up man. I bet that vid will probably get a good views, youtube will be aiiight with it!
    you already know.

  7. Trae Silence says:

    I say post it…
    It dont matter where you post it, just make sure it gets out there. Ive been watching AHAT battles for a grip now and seen many battlers get slaughtered. There was no debate on posting them…..

    Not only that but, for the battler that was drunk or whatever… this stands 2-fold for him. Meaning, he can either be messed up again in another battle and get slaughtered again….. or he can come correct and suprise his next opponent.

    If he does go into another battle…. hopefully sober…. this will also prove as a good challenge for him. Mainly because the other person will (almost certian of it) use this situation as an attack and personal in the next battle.

    Again, I say post it… and if the polls are correct… so do the rest of AHAT fans.

    Note to you OD…. and I say this with the utmost respect for you fam…. These battles are becoming Charmin soft…. Who cares what this Battle rapper thinks??? he got murdered! did that white boy argue when you posted him losing to Fresh ave so many years ago in the barber shop??? You showed up drunk… or high… or whatever… that was your choice to get up in front of a camera and act a fool. Why are we debating this? lol.

    Not only that… but another reason I say this… is because of the Danny Myers v P Muny battle……… a tie?…. A TIE???? with money on the line???????? what kind of soft shit is that OD? Be men…. man the fuck up… and pay the winner. Thats what we as fans wanted to see. It would be nice to get back to the old days where yall acted like there wasnt a human resorces dept there. lol.

    And for the record…….
    I wanted P Muny to win that battle…. He came with alot of intelligence and wordplay, which I like, and throughout 2/3rds of that battle I was thinking he was the winner…. but that last verse of Myers….. killed Muny…. Danny should’ve got his paper…. ijs.

    God bless though OD. Keep up the good work.

  8. Weird Sense says:

    I think that the artist that prepared and worked hard to create his battle should be seen. If you want to edit out the other performer…I think that would be lame but understandable. But to eliminate a performance being seen would hinder the person that worked hard. The guy that messed up should use it as motivation and realize he signed up for this…he wasn’t forced to battle.

  9. Jeffrey Lygitsakos says:

    I think that no matter what happens any and all battles caught on tape should be posted regardless of emcees bringing their A game or not. To not post those battles is to shelter emcees when they are responsible for their performance, go hard or go home. You want to show up drunk/high thats fine, but you better perform and that`s the bottom line. I dont think emcees should be given a pass for wackness regardless of the fact that it might be alcohol or drug induced.

  10. Hellrazor says:


  11. Fat Cat says:

    Show it, because it wouldnt be the first whack battle posted and the winner should have his performance seen regardless of the losers feelings, mistakes or bad decisions leading up to the battle.

  12. Underground says:

    There should not even be a question if it should be uploaded. If it was a battle that took place and hosted by the “president” aka OD and for ahat then it should be put on the main ahat page. Regardless if the guy was drunk and lame.. Sometimes a person work very hard to put on an image, and cover up who he/she really is, but every now and then you get to see the true side. “Even though most are to dumb to hide it”.. liquor is a good way to drown the sorrows.. But what happens when sorrow floats?

    But if it is deezzy k, which i remember seeing a video posted about him puking during a battle. It seems since there is nothing good about his “bars” adding insult to injury is unnecessary. since his bars are insults to himself. And injury, hell he is already doing that , just look at him..

    I guess put it up!

  13. Hellrazor says:

    hmmmm..what to think………………………………you know what? typically i am against putting lame ass battles where you have one battler that was god awful…but put it up OD cause humility is a GREAT LESSON!! for not showing up to a battle drunk or whatever hahaha….i bet it was deezylame oops deezyk..gosh i hope is was!!!!

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