OD ceo of AHAT calls KOTD ceo ORGANIK a P**** in response to a post referring to AHAT as WACK


KOTD ceo Organik Hates on AHAT

Organik References AHAT

OD call organik a pussy
Organik is a Hypocrit

ASpect agrees AHAT is wac

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In response to the fight between Math and Diz, OD put out on social media an offer to pay Dizater and Math 10K (#dizvsmath10k) to settle the beef in an athletic, controlled, secure, and positive environment as an alternative to a street fight or other dangerous action. This was a way for the artist to settle their differences in a non violent way and earn them some extra revenue in doing so ensuring that the beef would be defused. In response CEO of KOTD Organik’s made a comment in a post in the KOTD Talk back Discussion group secretly insinuating that AHAT is whack for trying to capitalize on the negativity surrounding the KOTD #BOLA5 event when Dizaster punches MATH HOFFA and causes a riot. OD responded by indicating that Organik is a p**** for NOT trying to stop the scuffle between Math Hoffa and Dizaster. Many do not know that OD has been working behind the scenes in the Professional Boxing industry for the past 3 years, as resident of the Boxing capital of the world, and has experience, resources and connections to make this positive solution to a bad situation a reality. It was such a great idea that both Daylyt and Dizaster entertained the thought of a boxing match to settle the beef.

3 Responses to OD ceo of AHAT calls KOTD ceo ORGANIK a P**** in response to a post referring to AHAT as WACK

  1. V.i. says:


  2. Travis Horseface Organik says:

    Organik a pussy horse face. Look at his face and jaw. He look like he is made out of wax and silicone.

    Fuck Gully TK too. Trailer trash.

  3. DLedge says:

    im not surprised in the least that the same league who featured no shame has once again no shame at what it will do to make a little money. There are ways to resolve things without fighting so to write that its a controlled positive blah blah blah is just bullshit. Let the men talk it out on their own time when they are ready and everyone else just leave it be…..smh…

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