Scheme goes in on Danny Myers


4 Responses to Scheme goes in on Danny Myers

  1. Myers will bodybag this fool just like he did p muny

  2. William Guliani says:

    lame ass nigga

  3. PrimethaRipper says:

    Great news AHAT those were throw away bar! A lot has happened since the AHAT NEXT battle with Stud! He has had 6 battles and has 2 more bodies lined up this month! Including the Hip Hop Roots Raw 16 championship just because you haven’t seen him on AHAT doesn’t mean he ain’t working! If Kizersoze would of shown up to HWWW you would of seen a different person! Battled Krimzon Sfive and has Giacasso on Thursday if you wanna see more before April lets set it up! OpenMicMurders

  4. hiiipowerTDE says:

    Scheme lost to stud a girl. And he expects to win a battle vs and he wasted bars on him with this call out. Idk i think its a dumb move. Especially using those bars in a call out blog you should have saved them in my opinion. Both have lyrics but in a battle danny with have more presents and delievery

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