Scott Storch avoids jail by cutting a $20,000 check


Scott Storch's baby mama drama

Scott Storch avoids jail by paying baby mama.

Super Producer Scott Storch was wanted by authorities in Florida for a child support debt owed to his baby mama Vanessa Bellido. Mr. Storch was a no show at court regarding the matter in which he owed Ms. Bellido $28,300. The judge ordered a warrant for Scott Storch’s arrest.

To avoid jail Mr. Storch cut his baby mama a $20,000 check. Hopefully it doesn’t bounce lol. He has six months to get her the remaining $8,300.

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  1. Adrian Conflict aka A. Conflict aka "Invincible" says:

    Leave scott alone. He’s Jewish so he has enough problems on his shoulder dawg. Leave that ninja alone. Plus he made that tight ass beat for 50. Leave him be.

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