Shots Fired! Lupe Fiasco Calls Dizaster an “Angry Drake”


Lupe Fiasco didn’t pull punches when weighing in Tuesday on a recent King of the Dot battle between Dizaster and Aye Verb.

Fiasco tweeted his reaction to the battle, and made it quite clear that he favored Aye Verb for the win, even calling it a 3-0. However, the Chi-Town rapper certainly didn’t give any compliments to Verb, labeling both battlers “subpar wappers.”

Lupe fired diss after diss at Dizaster, calling him, among other things, a “little monkey” and “angry Drake.”

Dizaster did eventually respond on his own Twitter, referring to Fiasco as a “pu*sy” and “twitter hoe.”

Check out the full attack up top. Lupe Fiasco’s tweets come first, followed by Dizaster’s response preggo test

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