Sin City Nyce vs. Teddy B: Sinfully Nyce Barz!


Attention all battle rappers! The year is young but this is by far the most entertaining body of the year besides Mark Miner being sent to the morgue by Danny Myers.  We’ve been keeping an eye on Sin City and heard solid reports that he caught a body in January. Unfortunately for his opponent, the truth hurts.

Sin City Nyce delivered his best performance to date incorporating classic setups and punches with some sharp schemes to clearly send his opponent to the morgue.  Just like most journalist in competitive genres, progression is what we look for at Battlescene.  With that said, if Nyce brought these same set of bars against Bobby Lee Swagger, he would have earned a clear win.

In my last write-up on Sin City, I spoke on how his pen game needed to upgrade as well as his performance.  Performance in battle rap is an obvious indicator of the performer’s confidence in his barz.  In this bout, we see a City that is fully aware that his barz are well above average.

More specifically, his Kunta Kente punch and his Indian/cornbread scheme were top tier money ball barz.  However the truth is, Nyce had plenty of money ball barz in this bout and overwhelmed an unprepared Teddy B.


Sin City Nyce’s skillz have upgraded.  Now, we look to see him against an equal in his own click. Nyce vs. Scheme is a great matchup. Let’s see if it happens.  In the meantime, Nyce bodied Teddy B in a very entertaining bout. Sorry Teddy- see you at the wake


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