Murda Mook and Snoop Dogg Team Up for Battle Rap Event



“Snoop reached out,” he says. “He wanted to do a battle. He felt like, he didn’t want to step into my territory without consulting me. This is his world so if I want to do something … I’ma come to Mook. I’ma tell him my ideas. He wanted to do a Murda Mook and Snoop Dogg Present … and he got this school he doin’. Gladiator school.”

The battles are going to be shown before the awards, according to Mook.
“It’s a part of the weekend [not the Awards],” he says. “So you gonna have everybody that’s everybody that’s there.”

Beyond this, battle rappers are also set to partake in a cypher, Mook says.
The battles are as follows based on Mook’s outline:

T-Rex vs. Rum Nitty

Calicoe vs. Hitman Holla

John John Da Don vs. Arsonal

Couture vs. Jaz The Rapper

Chayna Ashley is also set to be a part of the battle event, according to Mook.
During the interview, Mook says Eminem is the only rapper who he thinks could finish him. Despite that, Mook says Eminem is someone he’s always wanted to battle.
“I gotta come with some shit times 2,000,” Mook says. “That’s probably too far-fetched. He’s still a big homie. He’s probably just gonna be chillin’.”
Listen to the full interview below:

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