Snoop Dogg Presents: UNDERGROUND HEAT – Hosted By George Clinton Episode 34


One two, one two! Welcome back for week 34 of Underground Heat! This is the show where you can see that fire that the world has been waiting for. Let us know who your top 3 picks are! You can also submit your own videos
This is that show that is all about the music!!!

Here’s the week 34 list of fire…

10. Deezil Bomb- What’s Happenin

9. Earthquake Institute- Take a Hit

8. Chris Clarke-Beads


6.Okwerdz & Dirtbag Dan- Hate Me Cuz I’m Great

5. Wyka- 973

4. Gavlyn- Guilty Pleasure

3. Cadillac Freeze-Sticky Icky

2. Snoop Dogg- Bad For Me

1. Phaze- Limelight

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