Swave: “Battle Rappers Influenced What Kendrick Did”


Swave Sevah spoke with VladTV Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes about the lasting effects of Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse. Swave addressed the many MC’s making responses and listed the ones that impressed him the most.He also spoke on Battle Rappers such as Arsonal, Tsu Surf, and Jaz The Rapper making responses to Kendrick, and Swave felt as though it wasn’t necessary for anyone who’s name was not listed to come back at him.

Swave also believes that the sport of Battle Rap greatly influenced Kendrick’s widespread MC slaughter approach to that song, considering that Battle Rappers always operate with a mindset that “even your friend is you enemy in this sport.” Lupe Fiasco in the past credited Battle Rappers for being the purest lyricists in Hip-Hop, so Swave has a good point by saying Battle Rap influenced Kendrick.

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