T-Rex vs Artisan: OD & Artisan speak on the T-Rex battle & Battle America


It was agreed upon between OD & Seneca (Battle America) that Battle America would record the T-Rex & Artisan battle & give the footage to AHAT. In the battle both MC’s went over the 3:30 minute time limit. Out of the two MC’s Artisan’s round was longer. Battle America sent AHAT only half of Artisan’s footage they are still holding on to the rest of Artisan’s round. Battle America states the reason for sending only part of Artisan’s round is because he went over the time limit. This purpose of this video was to speak the truth & get Battle America to send us the rest of Artisan’s round so we can post the battle. Which was a classic by the way.

21 Responses to T-Rex vs Artisan: OD & Artisan speak on the T-Rex battle & Battle America

  1. jaystylez says:

    where the nov and k shine battle and t rex and donnie battle at OD?

  2. Dennis Menance says:

    Donnie Menance prob in a hospital right now still recovering.

  3. $kizz says:

    nov my fault

  4. $kizz says:

    I want to see the K-Shine battle, he bodied donnie menace

  5. cody Douglas says:

    Alright MAybee Mook Was hosting But Still He did His dude A Wrong then Cus he The one That should Stoped the Battle if he Was hosting like i said any Rapper would ove Keep Going rex cant Say he wouldnt ove done the same thing If no one had stoped Him????

  6. cody Douglas says:

    This aint Od or Aritys Fault Senica Was hosting the Battle He shoulda Stoped Artisan If i was Him i woulda keep Rapin TO!!

  7. I Am So SupeR says:

    I Feel LIke if it was The other way around OD would of used that as an excuse too …you makin Arty look bad broz… Put the damn Video out Before They do …cause once its out first man wins cause they did what the Fans wanted and thats put the video up your gonna lose out on views on a Epic battle that can help AHAT grow a brand new fan base… if Arty smashed Extra time wont Matter i know they put a 48hr warning up so Time is tickin put your pride aside for the fans… or is it about winning Arty said its about entertainment ,well we waitin
    ive been watchin since the beginning i have even battled in your league …well my footage got fucked up some how but im still a fan of AHAT of Battle Rap period fuck… yall got niggas checkin they shit every hr i dont care if they say they not they are so give us what we want… and thats to see the battle …cause it like a drug the first Supplier gonna get Love the most…SuaVe

  8. cody Douglas says:

    Wow Rex Realy Look like a Ho hear He knew HE lost so He told Senica (or How Ever the Hell U spell His Name) not TO Drop the Battle Rex Take Ur lose Like a man and STFU and drop The God damn Video!!!

  9. OD says:

    Your right for the most part I always call time when an mc is done spitting but that doesn’t mean we were timing it. For example look at the recent battle between Genie and Franchise. When I noticed they were done spitting I would call time to indicate that there portion of the round was over. But as you can see clearly from the footage that no1 was actually timing the rounds. We we use to time the rounds the time keeper usually stood right next to me & let me know when the time was up. Footage don’t lie see for yourself.
    And for the record no one from Vegas received a contract but everybody was paid.

  10. NINO says:


  11. NINO says:


  12. OD says:

    i did take charge sort of speak but Mook was the paid host

  13. Fuckurlife says:

    I dont know how I feel about this. In this battle REX has absouletly nothing to gain from battling artisan, who gives a fuck if artisan has some battle with over a million views, shit was wack, hes not known for it and hes a nobody in the scope of the battle world. That being said Rex is one of the top 5 doing it period, if the nigga agreed to 3:30 before then thats what it is. Rex aint gonna take this battle as serious as artisan…thats like a nigga preparing to play jordan, he gonna study extra crazy, making sure he got his i’s dotted and his t’s crossed, jordan aint even gonna think twice about u. Nigga probably prepared for the battle of his life so if a nigga agree to 3:30 and he go 6 min or whatever I dont know how i feel about that. In the g souldier battle, rex tried to stop g souldier, was G souldier spitting fire? Fuck no but its the point of a deal, nigga cant just try to out rap you to make the battle look closer… if artisan rapped for 6 min and rex for 3:30 all artisan had to do was have decent bars and it would be a great outcome for him cause of the time difference. The difference in the clips, x factor battle is they actually disputed that the round was unlimited. In this case OD admitted it, aint no changing the rules last min, Nigga OD said thats how they do sometimes in AHAT that niggas dont time..and thats a fucking lie, i’ve seen numerous battles when the time was called. Its the fact that OD wanted his mans to get off cause it would help they league. Even if u do let niggas go over the time, what does that have to do with Rex, Rex aint a member of AHAT, he not use to yall rules, he dont watch yall battles, cause i love battling and i def dont watch ahat so he wouldnt be use to your rules anyway. So should rex release it, its all up to him, i def wouldnt release something if the extra time made it look closer than it would be, so like i said whateven rex feel is how it should go…Rex could cut the footage at say 4:15 so 45 secs extra, anymore than that is bs. And for OD to put that on Rex is bs, he knew the rules and he put it on rex to say whether he wanted artisan to keep going, if he said nah u know the crowd would of got on rex, this is why contracts are made..so ahat def tried to pull a fast one

  14. I Am So SupeR says:

    Yo this Is funny as hell they still complaining about this shit … this is making Arty Look like he got bodied
    because whats that footage gonna prove that …What without that footage Arty Lost… just put it up already

  15. KOTD Fresh Coast says:

    3 Minute Round Vs 9 Minute Hahaha with super bias crowd
    And the host actually told the crowd to dickride Rex opponent
    Bad business y’all…
    And at the other blog that guy OD belittle Rex and K-Shine cos Artisan and nov got 2 Million Views hahaha
    Rex Got 7 Millon Views on 1 battle light skinned bias fuck!

  16. odpileofshit says:

    Hahaha OD is a shady nigga
    Claiming not hosting while clearly he is
    Fuck this shitty league and that fake Rich Dollarz wannabe lazy eyed nigger
    Rex did not got body you dessert dumbasses hahaha

  17. $kizz says:

    at the end of the day Rex got Bodied no matter how you put it , even with the cut out of the footage

  18. TrueGamer says:

    hurry up and post the videos. so i can vote.

  19. SERIO says:

    AHAT got love from DadeCounty

  20. SERIO says:

    thats why i fuck wit AHAT niggas, cuz they aint pullin none of that fuck shit . BA slippin, yall needa tighten up

  21. mamba_regime says:

    This whole shit is insane. Seneca must have some big balls to say he gonna put out the footage to the only battle AHAT got out of the deal on BA’s channel if AHAT dont drop it in 48hrs. OD what you gonna do then? Undercut him by dropping K-Shine vs Nov footage 1st on AHAT page? Street niggas’ll never learn the value of a (legal) written/signed contract.

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