T Rex vs Donnie Menace


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  1. nathan says:

    donnie fucken killed it like every other time

  2. nathan says:

    donnie fucken killed it like every other time

  3. TheCov says:

    i fucked your dad.

  4. TheCov says:

    ^ LOL shut the fuck up queermo

  5. Madness says:

    Your wack kid just stick to battlling you clearly will never make it as an arrist cuz you have a wack ass voice lol!! monotone put sum swag into it fuck boy

  6. Madness says:

    Donnie got bodied that fagget rhymed for 6 mins when its clearly a 3 min battle! cmon ahat wtf yall be on that bias shit thats why i dont fuck with yall nomore. Yall be letting your rappers rhyme and let em know in advance to rap longer than the other rappers. Artisan got bodied to no ahat rappers have punchlines! donnie just rhymed about killin ur mom and corpse and dumb shit cmon dawg yo set ups are wack get to the punch!!! You are not cage or hopsin or tyler stop talking bullshit get to the point. Rex didnt even try cuz he didint have to he caught 2 bodies that nite real talk! donnie if you seeing this fuck you bitch!!!! your music trash your vocals trash wtf r u thinking? artisan got a good voice and flows as an artist but donnie you a fuckboy you rhyme the same in songs than you do in battle lol!!! one dimensional fagget

  7. Vegas says:

    Oh yeah and T-REX won this..And fuk Shine
    ima Sock that lame nigga up next time he
    comes To VEGAS..On me

  8. nino says:

    rex won this one to

  9. Vegas says:

    Tru shit tho..OD be on that stupid shit i “Was”
    A big fan of ahat.tv but now shit is not worth
    Watching plus lik oh boy said ya’ll aint organize
    These video ya’ll be putting up lately r sorry..and
    THAT WANTED IT..i very disappointed but fuk
    Its ur lost i still have my fans so its all good ill jus
    Find another way to spread my work..much love tho

  10. Hellrazor says:

    Donnie.. “Its Not an excuse if its the truth”..in which i believe u..although this wasnt ur best it was still lyrical and had good content for short notice..would be nice to see a rematch with both of u guys ready..P.s drop another album!!! WE READY FOR NEW MUSIC

  11. Donnie Menace says:

    Im not the one to make excuses for poor performances but heres the deal with my round on this. I was originally scheduled to battle Tay Rock (unlimited round) and like 7 days before the event he pulled out for personal reasons which left me with the offer to face rex. I had to cut down and re-prepare 10 mins worth of material down to 3:30 mins and this was the outcome. Some will like it and some wont , regardless thank you for watching.



  12. btnh91 says:

    seriously OD ive had differnt names and asked the same question i know u read this just fukn tell me were i can find ahat song that starts all the videos just b real and tell me its 30 seconds long rather then tellin me its gonna b released soon a year ago get ya shit togehter and let me know were the fuck i can find t im over this bullshit… i love ahat but ur taking it 2far without even sharing true shit just admit u will never release it becaus its 30 seoncs long fuk man just talk real

  13. A.H.A.T says:

    Donnie Menace Hands Down Rex got bodied

  14. Big B says:

    Donnie just seems like he would be better at making music. Most of the great battle rappers tell a story make it entertaining. I felt like T-Rex really didn’t try. So felt cheated but think he won just slightly.
    I feel like if Donnie would rap slower and tell a story with good delivery and punchlines that are not all over the place and solid rebuttals then he has a real chance to go farther.
    These are just my opinions and are not meant to talk crap at either MC but, I feel both MC’s could have steeped their bars up.
    Question to all AHAT battle rappers “How bad you want it?”
    The only other AHAT battle rapper that maybe able to find another good name battle rapper again is “Fatz”
    but he will have to deliver again if he wants to continue in that direction.
    I hope others can understand what I am saying. Peace!

  15. Hellrazor says:

    I agree but i still give to donnie..easy!!!!! lmao..fuck rex and shine

  16. hiiipower says:

    Seemed like Donnie wasn’t as focused or well prepared

  17. skyler says:

    rex got bodied

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