TAOW-Ahat.tv 5 year Anniversary Predictions


5 Responses to TAOW-Ahat.tv 5 year Anniversary Predictions

  1. dezzyk says:

    lets make it happn…

  2. I heard you smashed soundwaveus but he didn’t do well plus the footage and sound didn’t look too good on the other battles from cali was active don’t trip though your gonna look sharp and sound good when I’m out there in May you seen the battles I did @ AHAT 47 super Sharp so bring your best shit so it gets posted on the Main Channel should be the Best Cali Event yet

  3. dezzyk says:

    Ptr what is goin on man??? I’m not trippn… It’s just the facts… How you get a 49 an a 50 b4 48 lmao

  4. Yo Deezy Jones told me you smash dude that you probably had one of the best performances of the night cant wait to see that shit!

  5. dezzyk says:

    why are you guys even relevant???
    they havnt droppd me an sonic or
    diesel an yung pop…
    we battled two months ago jones was there sayin i won wit danny myers bet you didnt know that…

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