TAOW Genie Speaks of Ahat Cali trio (prime freestyle)

Genie da god goes at cb yung pop and dezzy k and sets a challenge against cali
Also a yung pop diss from prim3 Enjoy!!!!

  • Hellrazor

    All i want to say is im glad someone finallly called out these scrubs!!!! lol…i bet young pop doesnt reply..and genie pop is a battle blogger not a battle rapper lmao…so i hope you getting ur “blog bars” up hahaha….and plus if your name aint lil sexy he probably wont battle you…i hope this happens though


    Lets do it lil niggaz…..This will be a FIRST in this battle shit…..FOLLOW THA GOD ON TWITTER @GENIETHAGOD

  • http://hotnewhiphop.com/dezzyk dezzyk

    lmao im announcing that we established (me) my verse is 1st….

  • #twinclippers

    Hahahahah hell yea yo smash then corny ass niggas