TAOW Genie Speaks of Ahat Cali trio (prime freestyle)


Genie da god goes at cb yung pop and dezzy k and sets a challenge against cali
Also a yung pop diss from prim3 Enjoy!!!!

4 Responses to TAOW Genie Speaks of Ahat Cali trio (prime freestyle)

  1. Hellrazor says:

    All i want to say is im glad someone finallly called out these scrubs!!!! lol…i bet young pop doesnt reply..and genie pop is a battle blogger not a battle rapper lmao…so i hope you getting ur “blog bars” up hahaha….and plus if your name aint lil sexy he probably wont battle you…i hope this happens though

  2. GENIETHAGOD says:

    Lets do it lil niggaz…..This will be a FIRST in this battle shit…..FOLLOW THA GOD ON TWITTER @GENIETHAGOD

  3. dezzyk says:

    lmao im announcing that we established (me) my verse is 1st….

  4. #twinclippers says:

    Hahahahah hell yea yo smash then corny ass niggas

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