The Jones Scheme and Danny Myers speak on AHAT Utah


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  1. bay area bombshell jessica J says:

    you should watch your mouth because you never know who you may be talking to. Im actually a entrepreneurial investor from Oakland ,Ca but have relocated to beautiful Venice beach ,Ca and i have been watching different battle leagues all over the word and i saw that ahat had a website therefore have some potential. I admit i got out of character because of the obscene thing i was seeing being said to the rappers it mad me sightly ill to be honest so i apologize for being in the altercations. After seeing and getting the negative feed back from the fans who on this site obviously don’t know Omar Starr is running a business and thanks to your vulgar exploits I will take my investment else where. OD I hope you see this comment and eliminate the comment section from this web page because you are doing a great job but jokers like these will make investors like me steer away. you see allen iverson cant get a break and that’s how i feel about ahat. Omar you grew up in my era before this internet thing so keep hip hop alive and maybe down the line we can get in touch because I also runa model agency and have many that could fit the qualifications as a ring girl my email is plz keep in touch

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