Tru Fam (Strayt Paper, Rachit, Ceas) phone call with Gotti & OD


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4 Responses to Tru Fam (Strayt Paper, Rachit, Ceas) phone call with Gotti & OD

  1. wat of it says:

    man like od said 4 years man just rap winner take the money done with get it in stop bitchin all of u and rachit u talk as much as gotti

  2. Vegas says:

    This is fukn wack..jus battle if not fight it out and
    Squash it..its starting to make y’all look lik clowns
    All this bak and forth shit

  3. give people time limits and if their boy steps in let em ride, if they need a team of g’s to win off intimidation, do it, if someone can kill wit one line what others need to go and go and go to try and try and try then what is the real issue? pride and lack of skill i will go any round at anyone prepped not prepped its not a showcase showdown its rap!!!! come on people $100 battles i hope its not the $$$ that got yall puttin over this hiphop game!!! ill destroy any who try this is my blood

  4. yo, gotti, if u need 3 90’s to go after em use em, rachit, if u can beat him wit less bars n u know it do it! !!!! i dont see what the problem is?

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