UW Battle League Presents Arsonal vs T-Rex


4 Responses to UW Battle League Presents Arsonal vs T-Rex

  1. Saint says:

    Ars got this one…but T rex represented…no slouches in this one

  2. mally mall says:


  3. NINO says:

    that was a good batlle that fight fuck upm the all think bue prety close but rex got this one

  4. Donald says:

    you cant judge this man T-rex did his thing i normaly dont like him but he did his thing. Arsonal did good mic fucking up messed him up and threw me off alittle. Then the whole fight on stage thing and then Ars and Rex got threw off again so i cant judge this battle i’ve been waiting on for a year and a hlaf. i would like to see Arsonal and K-shine go in but thats me.

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