5 Responses to Donnie Menace – QP poll

  1. VEGASMADE702 says:

    It doesnt really matter to me if donnie menace was from LV or from china or sum shit, hes raw as hell. he has good flow, hes loud nd aggressive nd is a veteran in the league, everybody can see that. Qp had a nice nd unique flow but he was queit nd slow. speaking of “staying local” u obviously havent seen KID DOMS BATTLE ON KOTD OR FATZ ON 106&park. but we mainly “stay local” cuz there isnt any league better than AHAT ND THERE SURE AS HELL AINT NO CITY BETTER THAN MY SIN CITY!

  2. longloxx82 says:

    i see that most people that vote on this battle are from vegas…bar for bar, qp got it 2-1 and donnie was aggressive but BASIC AS HELL. i bet that they chose artisan over rex and nov over k-shine. y’all have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Oh, and by the way, I HAVE YET TO SEE AN AHAT BATTLE RAPPER ON GRINDTIME, SMACK, OR KOTD…STAY LOCAL, NIGGAS.

  3. james says:

    donnie menace won…
    plus donnie menaces album wrath of a menace is on itunes or go to datpiff.com to download his free mixtape
    a fan of donnie menaces music and battles.. he killed him

  4. i really appreciate a good battle…….qp was cool but donnie was on fire… so i gotta go wit donnie…
    ALSO donnie is a crazy performer and i think any one whos seen his shows will agree

  5. you should just stop the voting now donnie murked the cat so i mean come on 154 to 12 really

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