Ab Hogish vs Konflict


AHAT 43 Hostile Territory Rap Battle. Abhogish (Stockton California) from Grind Time and Da Jungle versus Konflict (AHAT Las Vegas) hosted by OD.

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  1. VanessaNSS209 says:

    A.B Hoogish Had It Off Tops , Konflictt I Dont Knowwww It Sounded Like You Was Bouta Cry When Hoogish Started Talking Bout Them Choppas! Keep It Up Hoogish Lett Em know Wass Really Good With North Side Stocktone!

  2. stocktone says:

    i dont know about yall but AB is from the trap talk bout some daily shit that konflit need to go to jenny craig and get non teenager vocals that nigga sound like a teenager lookn lame as shit

  3. Jayo knight says:

    Classic battle! Konflict had better punchlines, delivery, its like dude bars was on another level….konflict 3-0…. Both artist were good. Would love to see kon vs pop culturre and ab vs kon…batt5f5 gs

  4. inda says:

    konflict took that clearly in my opinion, Ab got swag..but thats not enough
    Shouts to ya all from Czech!

  5. last pharaoh man u need to step your spelling game up! as for the battle, AB is nice he got bars but needs that vocal aggression that Konflict had. Rounds 2 and 3 went clearly to Konflict but shouts to AB. LDN, UK

  6. @_LastPharaoh says:

    Konflict was strong and powerful both with stage present and verbage! He was direct with his comments and to the point. Never looking down like his opponent did. He used his vocal tone, phrasing and body language to emphasized certain comments. He displayed confidence and maintained good eye contact both with his opponent and the camera. Konflict was defiantly with out a doubt the winner for all rounds as well as the overall battle. Ive said before in his previous battles that he was nothing to sleep on, I still stand by that statement. Watch out for Konflict, he is the next big thing!

  7. SPOOKY says:

    Eh, I have to give it to the homies they did their thing for sure. As, for the battle I think I will have to give it to Konflict because I think in the 2nd round AB recycled some lines in my opinion. I believe this was one of Konflicts best battles. I hope he keeps it up. No disrespect to AB he still had bars. I hope we get to see him again in the future.

  8. Kidoo says:

    Damn. 2nd round Konflict had some mad bitten lines.
    Like the one about rush card.

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