AHAT Tourney Episode 6 – S.O. Finesse vs Trav Uncut


S.O. Finesse who is the only female rapper in the 2015 AHAT Tourney, faces Trav Uncut in the first round of the AHAT Tourney in the Cali backet. Hosted by RnB. Also included in this battle is the verdict for the Aktive vs Dre Vishiss rap battle.

Who won?

2 Responses to AHAT Tourney Episode 6 – S.O. Finesse vs Trav Uncut

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yea I agree ., the twenty min long verse, got played quick.. Lotta stumbles.., rough one kinda like a tie .. I think “finesse” woulda been better just cooking all the way thru instead of transforming to alter ego.. But u know.. Facts .. I give the edge to trav..
    East side 702 .. We out chea

  2. Klepto says:

    How many times is S.O. Finesse gonna choke. It’s the NUMBER one “NO-NO” in battle rap, DONT CHOKE. On one of the chokes she straight up blamed the crowd “come on y’all” and the bias crowd instead of booing or letting her know it’s not ok to fumble, encourage her and tell her “you got this” “get it back”…. Not to mention the nearly 20 minute verse and LONG pause in between. A few clever bars and great word play, I give her a a strong 6.5.

    Trav Uncut, very weak delivery, not very well rehearsed, chocked a couple times though not as many as S.O. Strong bars good word play, He’s a rookie and needs to work on crowd control and delivery I’m gonna give him a strong 7

    With my results a very debatable Trav edging out S.O. Finesse by a half of a point with the win.

    Klepto, BANGTV

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