Vote for AHAT top 5 active MC’s


58% of the fans voted that they want the fans to pick the top 10 MC’s in AHAT, so here is your chance. Below are 5 polls in which you can pick which MC should be in each position from 1-5. Fatz & Keion Kasino are not on the list because they are currently champions of AHAT divisions and they will be listed as champions on the ranking. The top 10 list will be a list of the top 10 contenders for the AHAT championship. We will do polls for positions 5-10 in about a week or so?

19 Responses to Vote for AHAT top 5 active MC’s

  1. RaaZeey says:

    2. Ceas**
    3. Nov**

  2. RaaZeey says:

    Cuz Theory is weak people on top 5 should be
    1. Donnie
    2. Nov
    3. Ceas
    4. Pop
    5. Grinda

  3. Jordan says:

    Doms #1 Donnie Menace #2

  4. marek says:

    doms 1

  5. Marcus says:

    Pop Culture > Juice

  6. Marcus says:

    Pop Culture deserves to be on the top 5. I would like to see pop culture vs Juice. i dont understand why the he has such high rankings he really is not that great.

  7. CASH says:

    thank you grinda is top 5 i say 3

  8. danny says:

    donnie menace#1 all day doms#2 all day i would like to see these battle it out

  9. ScottishLad says:


  10. Germ says:

    naw its
    nov then donnie then grinda then artisin

  11. Faya says:

    How come Theory gets very few votes? He is certainly one of the better dudes in the league. Fans aren’t credible.

  12. Lacey says:

    First of all, I want to point out how franchise has basically No votes in any rank. I always hear talk about him and he seems to have a bit of fans but in my opinion he is garbage. Nov fell off, all he says is stupid shit now, nothing new or clever, just gun runs and ridiculous word play. Grinda has a good sound but he doesnt deserve a high rank. I can see Donnie being number one but he keeps talking about quitting and he is openly hating on battle rap, he doesn’t deserve to be number one. Doms keeps it fresh and never fumbles, he has clever hilarious bars and he is getting more and more offensive and hard hitting by the battle. What he needs is to battle someone with a high rank, someone with a lot of respect in the battle rap league and he will get that respect he deserves to go above second place, I think he deserves it and so do a lot of people that don’t speak up.

  13. #Kingzip says:

    3 month inactive rule

  14. #Kingzip says:

    nov, donnie, doms, trigaaah, artisan.

  15. MRS34N says:

    how do these ranking work do these mcs have to battle more than 3 times a year? Artisian is he active again? Give us some rules or eligibility?

  16. Donald says:

    then here you go juice? for real you must not like battle rap

  17. Donald says:

    u suck if you think doms is or should be number 1. he is a good writter but not a good battler. u must havent watched ahat for long.

  18. KeySwift says:

    Juice all day!

  19. jeremy says:

    doms 1#

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