Ways to increase your Alexa ranking


Just in case you are unaware Alexa is an organization that ranks websites. There are several factors that go into the rankings including traffic and backlinks and more. Below is a list of ways to help you increase your Alexa ranking.

  1. Install the Alexa toolbar which can be found at http://www.alexa.com/toolbar
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  3. Install a review widget to your site. By installing this widget you encourage for viewers to write reviews of your site on the Alexa website which is thought to slightly affect your Alexa ranking. www.alexa.com/siteowners/reviews
  4. Post regularly. New posts and information keeps your site up-to-date and also helps increase or at least maintain traffic. Old outdated websites tend to decrease in Alexa ranking.
  5. Increase traffic. Traffic is one way to surely increase your Alexa ranking. Whether it’s through paid advertising or creating great posts that drive traffic to you site. As your traffic increases so does your Alexa ranking.

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