Yung Pop $1000 call out to Doms Donnie Menace Artisan Fatz Nov


6 Responses to Yung Pop $1000 call out to Doms Donnie Menace Artisan Fatz Nov

  1. Tonka says:

    The dude in the red is zoooted of his ass lol.. It makes that dude look stupid AF trying call out doms or nov. he would get ate up

  2. Perm says:

    just bustin balls ahat is the shit dude ! No other league is the same. True underground hiphop ,the way it should be. Im hungry just like you !!! I smash with my pen everyday , just keep on flowin in goin. I watched that video and that sounded like some shit i would say. lol good stuff You got to think your the best its just the way it is . I want ahat to come to Ohio , that would be the shit ! I battle everyday no matter what . Im a battle rapper i luv it . ahat luv yo EAT DAT NIGGA lol peace out!!

  3. yung pop says:

    i respect all of my ahat affiliates so let me start off by saying that 1st
    I met alot of my ahat affiliates at the the last event and everybody is cool and its all out of respect i mean if u want to show up to the battle u should b battling bcuz the fans miss u “not me” the fans lmfao hahaha… i know my ahat affiliates got a “legend” status in the league thatz cool they paved the way 4 alot of new dudes when nobody wuz watching ahat but thats my point exactly…where r these big names when the league is starting to slow down a lil bit as far as big names are concerned????? the fans like new talent but they like they mcs that brought them 2 ahat… I dont want to hear any battlers name n a top 5 if he isnt active as far as battling in 2013 last year wuz cool but it is a new year.. all the names i named r top names and ppl doing there thing in other leagues and thats cool and i respect there grind 4 that they r putting ahat on the map… im trying to bring these big names back and we all know $$$$ talks so lets c if they put up or shut up

  4. Perm says:

    First of all, show some fucking respect. The AHAT legends will crush your bars in the first round leavin your pop rap bars all bent up. OD let me battle dis fool!

  5. OD says:

    lol why u got 2 put me in it smh

  6. Hellrazor says:

    Ill be honest i just read THE TITLE…dude donnie,doms etc will murder you hahahahaa….and why the fuck would you bet a thousand when you will get owned and ya boy od will call it a draw lmao GTFOH

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