Yung Pop response to Danny Myers & The Jones


4 Responses to Yung Pop response to Danny Myers & The Jones

  1. bay area bombshell jessica J says:

    sorry boo im grown ass woman whos watches this whiles she is on break @ work…do u have a job or masturbate 2 yung pop and ahat battlers all day… not a teeny bopper or a groupie just a fan that see’s u have a man crush on yung pop i meant thats ur bizness to hop on here wait 4 him 2 post a vid and u r the only 1 to comment???i just enjoy 2 watch but u sounds suspect 2 me!!! i hope u arent a battle rapper u probably date rape battlers of suped up mollies….i never do this but u always attack the rappers 4 entertaining ur dumbass…weither u say sumthin positive or negative it was entertaining either way so find a new hobby bcuz when new fans c the website they just c u arguing or talkin bad about the league im not a fan of any league i love hip hop and what u r doing isnt hip hop…. so go c dr phil about this homosexual attachment u have 2 battle rappers proably people n general smh …U aint no gangsta just ANOTHER LOST NIGGA

  2. Hellrazor says:

    hmmm sounds like a groupie to me….actually it wasnt the first thing that came to mind…just the most clever/funny…i had Probably On Pills but since almost everything about young pop is gay i thought that acronym was suitable…and whats up with all the #-ing.. obviously a teeny bopper lmao…#groupie.. #who gives afuck about your opinion….#GTFOH LMAO!!!!!

  3. bay area bombshell jessica J says:

    seriously hellrazor penis over pussy smh #on the down low alert # thats how internet gangsta penis over pussy screaming on profiles…..we aint judging though you aint on trial??? wow 4 that 2 b tha 1st thing that came to ur head must mean u want his penis over pussy
    im strictly dickly but u my friend r a homosexual with a infatuation with yung pop..yung pop if u c this dont comment 2 this fag cali still behind u maybe 1 day i can c u at a battle or n the streets later cutie : )
    and b4 u disrespect my beauty check my youtube profile and maybe i can turn u st8 again #

  4. Hellrazor says:

    being stands for Penis over Pussy lmao

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