$600 Rap Battle | Young B the Future vs Billy Boondocks | AHAT


This battle took place at the Cali is Active event in Santa Ana CA on May 17th. Billy Boondocks reppin LA County, and Young B reppin “The Murder” (Moreno Valley) clashed styles in this $600 dollar money battle, winner takes all. These two MC’s went back and forth, written and freestyle for the entire three rounds. Billy with his intricate wordplay, & over the top performance versus Young B with his witty and comedic freestyle & laid back delivery will be sure to entertain the avid battle rap fan. Comment and let us know if the 5 judges gave the correct verdict on who the winner was.

3 Responses to $600 Rap Battle | Young B the Future vs Billy Boondocks | AHAT

  1. D Billy Boon M says:


  2. Fred says:

    I work on BET’s “Just Keke” with Keke Palmer and I’m looking for two great freestyle rap groups to cipher on our show next Wednesday, June 25th. Email me asap: coasttocoastcasting@gmail.com (Pics, video and contact information)

  3. Both Emceez was hot! BBD stumbled on the 3rd round which gave YB some extra points, in the end when it came to nice clean word play, it was YB= Young B – Stay Motivated!

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