AHAT C.B. vs Big Kree


10 Responses to AHAT C.B. vs Big Kree

  1. Mannie says:

    How the fuck is cb winning he gots horrible delivery and just rhymes nigga alot , big kree got them bars and flo. Round 1 tie, round 2 big kree, round 3 big kree, simple. To many vegas niggas giving cb the advantage.
    (All the way from VA)

  2. Lacey says:

    cb did use the same flo through most of the battle tho..with that blah blah blah blah, nigga! lalalalaladeda, nigga! hsajlfdhsakdhgkheafaueuf, nigga!

  3. Lacey says:

    I don’t like big kree…cb ftw

  4. belladrew09 says:

    are you guys serious. im from cali and i still stick with the truth. big kree from texas took that shit.. im tired of people frontn.. its all about delivery, cb had no umph, no passion.. i like some of his creativity but when you step into the ring you got to bring it..

  5. Amanda$ says:

    No competition C.B got’s the W!

  6. Hellrazor says:

    C.B got this even though he should be more aggressive and speak up when he is rapping…kree is nice but really needs to up his bars and put more emphasis on his punchlines because sometimes all his bars run together and u miss the punchline

  7. Vegas says:

    Easy nigga people like different shit..it ain’t
    Like CB bodied kree they both handled they

  8. skyler says:

    how the fuck is big kree winning right now…lmao

  9. Big Jay says:

    Big Kree spit a lot of stuff I feel I already heard b4…styles the same as all em other cats…CB had round 1,2 Big Kree had round 3…Keep doing your thang CB just a little more enthusiasm next time…

  10. Vegas says:

    Big kree is alrite he needs to step his bars a little
    And throw albeit of spanish in there do sumthing
    New…young sic

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