AHAT Elimination Match Rachit vs Yung Gicasso


Two of AHAT’s most hated MC’s battle in out in this elimination battle. Rachit and Yung Gicasso match MC skills with alot on the line. The loser of this battle will be kicked out of the league.

2 Responses to AHAT Elimination Match Rachit vs Yung Gicasso

  1. will says:

    man yall got some retarted ass judges arti gay need to find a new outlet he cant rap nore judge an dat old ass isaac hayes listening ass nigga need togo jump off a bridge da other dude won dat im bout to stop watch n diss shit dat caso dude ass…….tie first two rounds lil dude wit da low cut won third round

  2. smitty128 says:

    wtf y both these dudes battleing to get kicked out. And yo kinglo i c ya boi in the back ground with that 5 cent get two mo ya mite have a dime

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