AHAT & King Ice present Doms vs Everybody Knows


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  1. Phil says:

    Jeremy redeemed himslef with actions later in the book. That’s why we can like him now. But I had zero respect and a lot of anger towards him for a good portion of the book. Of course, that just made some of the scenes that much better, in a twisted sort of way. Also, if he hadn’t been a horrible jerk then there wouldn’t have been anything he needed to redeem himslef for.Yes, you’ve written scenes that have made me cringe, and I hope you keep doing it. If you never push yourself (or your readers) over the line, how will we know where the line is? Each of us have a different place we draw that line, and I think books help us define those places. And there are so many of those lines to play around with, aren’t there? I guess it’s like the math scene in Safeword: Rainbow… some love it and some hate it, but many of those who were uncomfortable with it still appreciated it for showing them a place they’d just as soon not go. For a while I thought that if I had it to do over again I might make that scene shorter, but as time has gone on I think that even with a crystal ball I would have left it as is.So yeah, I want a few scenes here and there that make me cringe. I’m sure there are conditions to that, but I have no idea of how to define them.

  2. jeremy says:

    491 ppl voted right! doms all day

  3. @karengutierrez says:


  4. To the above repose about pretending to be me please retract your comment just cause you have my name doesn’t mean you can pretend to be me. You couldn’t even get my correct website. Od please delete the reply comment under 36. Thank you.

  5. Locash says:

    This is a garbage ass battle. I will not even vote for either one of these dudes. Doms needs to stop the bullshit and battle someone worth battling. The only time he has battled someone worth mentioning was in the 2 on 2 vs trigga and grinda. The only reason he battled in that was because he did not have to do it by himself. He will never be the caliber of Nov, Fatz, or even Donnie because he is scared to face those guys as competition. Who the fuck is everybody knows? They would have been better off getting someone off the street that dude is garbage. Step your game up Doms. People are going to get tired of you battling nobodies.

  6. Hey 36, The thing is it’s not the battle league or the opponents responsibility to make it “fair”. It falls on the individual. I agree with you all the way. I’m Doms biggest fan. So I know E.K. did this to himself. But still I have seen plenty of battles where people have been sober or under the influence but this battle alone it just didn’t do it for me. I wanted Doms to murder him like I know he can and did, but this was more of a handed win to him because E.K. was drunk and high as he so claimed in one of the bars he rapped. If he would have never said that then I would have thought it was a fair battle but it wasn’t. I’m not complaining shit this just makes E.K. look bad in way, and yes even though its not the leagues responsibility to make it “fair” it is kind of fucked up that this happened this way. Because I know if i would have paid to get in I would have wanted my money back. Well not really cause I’d still pay to see Doms but the point I’m trying to make is would you wanna see more battles like this one or more battles where both MC’s bring all they got. And don’t get me started on “fatz” gay ass needs a lose weight. I don’t like his ass at all.

  7. 36 says:

    @karengutierrez if that’s the case, it wasn’t fair to E.K. actually, as a matter of fact when it comes to putting up mc’s together in battle rap, there isn’t no such thing as being “fair”. im pretty sure some of these rappers get blowed or a lil tipsy before they go against each other, dj penn for example. however, whether if E.K. was tipsy or not Doms still would’ve got him. so if you want to talk about being fair, speak on Doms going against Fatz && then you tell me whether that sounds fair or not cuz it sounds pretty “fair” to me.

  8. I agree with Mike. But this kinda wasn’t fair to Doms cause E.K. was high as f*ck and didn’t write for any of the battle. Plus he was drunk. So yeah I know The Kid won and he’s great. But E.K. u need to respect the rap league and do this shit right. Doms did what he was supposed to do and he more he murdered you and he brought you back and killed it (you) again each round. So win definitely goes to Doms. Respect for both rappers though.

  9. mike says:

    why would they put that shity kidd against doms

  10. dre says:

    good battle….

  11. Eli says:

    Good to know that Doms has a battle at KingofTheDot pretty soon. I think he’s ready to step it up. Slowly but progressively. Peace!!

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