AHAT presents Aries vs DezzyK


AHAT presents Aries vs Dezzyk rap battle. This event took place at In the Cut Boutique in San Berardino CA.
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11 Responses to AHAT presents Aries vs DezzyK

  1. dezzyk says:

    listen to them bars aiight…
    i murked him 1st round…
    then closed the casket 2nd…

  2. dezzyk says:

    i like the statistics on the battle from yall…

    in my honest opinion aries is ok but he lost…


  3. Na$ty Nevin says:

    they both came with sum hard bars but aries got the best of him

  4. Andrew says:

    dezzyk won killed um but dude did his thang

  5. Narcuti says:

    I like the way Aries raps, he needs more practice and he will be good…
    Fuck swag i still think my style is fresher

    DezzyK was sick too, but aries punchlines were way too “stupid” on the second round…
    1rst Round think was too even to give it too anywone…

  6. RaaZeey says:

    ewww Dezzy killed him…. Aries sucks and he stutters way too much!

  7. Altitude says:

    1st round- tie
    2nd round- Aries

    Dez did his thing, his second round was keeping up with Arie’s 2nd, but the last few bars were kinda too simple and not that hard to spit and it didn’t put him over the top, so have to go Aries.

  8. Big Rick says:

    Aries def took that one nice job

  9. RaPMaNiAc777 says:

    dezzy did his thing man but aries got him with better punch lines

  10. RaaZeey says:

    Dezzy killed him.

  11. First round was a tie.
    Second round Aries did some nice freestyling within which I liked.
    DezzyK did a good job too but I would give the 2nd round to Aries.

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