AHAT presents Billy Boondocks vs Clutch


Billy Boondocks who has battles Dizaster and Danny Myers to name a few faces Kid Clutch from Kracc City at the first annual Yung Bizill Barfest. Hosted by OD, R&B, and Clutch.

4 Responses to AHAT presents Billy Boondocks vs Clutch

  1. AHAT Runs the West says:

    Good battle but too many interruptions. I got Clutch winning but I felt like that recording was some extra sh^t.

  2. This battle could go either way…I just hope the upcoming emcees don’t think that it’s cool, original, and ok to have another another person come in and spit Barz for them…good battle

  3. Anonymous says:

    This was a dope battle

  4. Rome 206 says:

    Lets go! #AHAT

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