AHAT presents C.B. vs Cali Smoov | rap battle


AHAT presents Cali Smoov (@CaliBoySmoov) vs C.B. (@YesImFilthy) which took place at AHAT 48 Cali Iz Active in Riverside California. C.B. who represents San Bernardino (Inland Empire) has been making a name for himself in AHAT for the past 2 years. This is Cali Smoov’s second battle in AHAT and he is coming off of a strong performance. See who skills prevail in this classic rap battle.
AHAT has become the most dominant battle league on the West Coast.


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5 Responses to AHAT presents C.B. vs Cali Smoov | rap battle

  1. Cali. Smooth killed em cb choked point blank period if you gonna come battle all high practice your shit when you high..

  2. trapfornia says:

    I was in this video standing behind smoov yea CB choked Cali won easy

  3. ty says:

    Nooo! C.B Choked BAAD in the second round, they cut that out, Cali laughed before he started cause he’s on another level of skill. But they cut out cb’s choke, he even had to drink water lol CB lost all 3 rounds clearly

  4. dezzyk says:

    im not tryna exploit nobody but( cali smoov chocked an giggled bout it in his 1st round) an it got edited out…
    aaah haaa i seen the whole battle…

  5. OD says:

    they both did there thing

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