AHAT presents Cocky vs Sic Vic


AHAT presents Cocky vs Sic Vic which took place at AHAT 47 How the West Was Won 3 which featured all four division in AHAT: Las Vegas, California, Texas, Utah. Cocky who is known for his bars faces Sic Vic who is respected as one of Texas’ top battle emcees collide in this classic battle .


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5 Responses to AHAT presents Cocky vs Sic Vic

  1. chris says:

    Ya some retards sic Vick got this one cocky sounds slow and wack

  2. mikey rocks says:

    yo od y u guys dont have love at first sound battle? or at least be one of the judges. he just got signed to kanye and he stays in Vegas.

  3. Underground says:

    Don’t have the words to express how corny this battle was! congratulations if you made it past the first round!

  4. Hellrazor says:

    GROWN MAN BARS SOMETHING…..oh my bad wrong league,,,god this battle was boring..i didnt make it through the first round…od can we have a battle with FATZ OR SOMEBODY GEEEZ PLZZZ. AT LEAST…these dudes be lacking energy,bars,substance,etc…i feel like some of these dudes just be going through the motion…bring back Kooly Bop, KIng Lo…hell i even want artisan back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Vince says:

    Even being from San Antonio, after the first round I wanted to give it to Cocky, but all in all Sic Vic won it.

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