AHAT presents Danny Myers vs Emerson Kennedy


This battle was set up with 24 hours notice. Danny Myers (@MolotovMyers) a Los Angeles native who currently reps Las Vegas travels to Utah to face AHAT Utah top tier emcee Emmerson Kennedy. Danny is known for his constant flurry of punches and his powerful delivery. Emmerson Kennedy is known for his witty lyrics and clever punchlines. AHAT has become the dominant battle league from the West Coast.



5 Responses to AHAT presents Danny Myers vs Emerson Kennedy

  1. peaks999 says:

    Did Danny ever buy that guy another beer?

  2. peaks999 says:

    unreal battle
    Danny’s Flow is too nice
    Cant belive they had only 24 hours

  3. Vinnie says:

    this battle was tight. i was a fan of Danny Myers after the first battle i saw of him. 24 hours notice and both sides came strong. i thought Danny took it, but Emerson had some crazy lines… he just needs to step his flow up. it’s too flat and quiet (for me atleast) if your trying to battle against competition like this.

  4. danny says:

    thanks for the support much more to come!

  5. #twinclippers says:

    That’s shit was classic congrats to both artist for showin true skill in 24 hours the fans win on this one I say Danny an Emerson do a double battle vs young pop an dezzy dip shit or any of them hatin ass niggas but real talk Danny an Emerson good shit my niggas straight talent

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