Danny Myers vs Rachit $500 One Off


AHAT presents Danny Myers vs Rachit at AHAT 47 HWWW3 in Las Vegas Nevada. Rachit who is from New Jersey put an open invitation out to AHAT MC’s for a $500 One Off rap battle. Danny Myers who is from Los Angeles California, accepted the battle even though he had another battle that same event against P Muny. See who wins the epic battle for $500. LIKE, COMMENT, FAVORITE, and SHARE to support the AHAT Movement, thank you. AHAT has become the dominant battle league on the West Coast and one of the biggest battle leagues in the world.


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10 Responses to Danny Myers vs Rachit $500 One Off

  1. john p says:

    DANNY Myers is pound for pound one of the best battle rappers Ive seen so far.. and he killed him

  2. Hellrazor says:

    deezy…come on brah…can we see you battle without stumbling and puking before you say outrageous things like that lol..#GTFOH

  3. dezzyk says:

    i respect rachit decision to battle…
    hi-key i feel he won…
    danny’s not that dope at all ppl hyped this man 2 much then when i seen this lmao….

    id body danny easily #duh….

  4. danny myers says:

    Shout out ratchit and the whole ahat movement and all those who support battle rap. Yikes!

  5. Hellrazor says:

    that should be a good battle….even john is hit or miss sometimes….where is king lo?? ahat needs him lol

  6. OD says:

    Danny got John John Da Don on April 13

  7. Hellrazor says:

    WOW!!!….danny owned him!!!!!..no question…and i dont want to sound like a hater but ummm…someone is definitely writing for rachit hahahahahahahaha….i think i heard a little nov in there..but whatever he still got slaughtered anyway…sooo who is the next victim for danny??….nov?…fatz ?(great matchup)…young pop? -_-

  8. OD says:

    Without Rachit this battle would have not taken place. So just for sake of this battle it was great to let Rachit battle wouldn’t you say?

  9. Underground says:


    This is the reason rachit should have never been brought back in the league..lol Other then that the only other thing i can say is what they judges were saying was an understatement…. Not just because danny went longer but because danny had way way way more substance.

    Fucking Massacre!!!

  10. OD says:


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