Doms vs Syah Boy


Syah Boy (Atlanta) who is a former BET 106 & Park Freestyle Friday champ and has battled mc’s like Lottazay, Philly Swain, E Ness and more travels to Las Vegas to battle Doms. Doms is from Las Vegas and is one of AHAT’s most popular mc’s. This battle took place at AHAT’s 5 Year Anniversary.

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  1. PHYLLIS says:


  2. Smell This says:

    I like the different style’s of hip hop battling like this..say doms r1 syah r2 doms r3…F’d upday care..that line was tight

  3. VagoLoc' says:

    Aight truth is syah got the first round with that class act “Duncan penderhuse” line forreal. Bt dims came back with the comeback line in round 2 about the white joke, and he murked him syah round 3 as well wit them bars, 2 out of 3 rounds goes to kid doms hands down, fuck the hometown bullshit any real lyricist can see doms took it..

  4. face says:

    yo….well said….i like both cats….and am not disputing ahat talent , matter of fact i have created a whole ahat movement in the caribbean ,,,,,arti, nov, fatz,donni ,doms,triggah..grinda….hav made those niggars daily topics and house hold names….so nuff respect….shout out to od…bring ahat to trinidad tropical edition…

  5. facts&verbs says:

    I hate Doms but u a real fuckin idiot thinking he lost

  6. I have been following AHAT and all these rap battles on YouTube as well as this site. I think it was a pretty close battle. I think there should be a rematch in all honesty. I am a a lyricist fan. both of these lyrical geniuses are two of the best I’ve seen ahat. There are some other pretty good ones as well, some people need to catch up on their homework. I don’t really care about East coast or West coast, it’s all about theī talent. The reason why I said they should have a rematch is because this seems to be a tie. Doms and Siyah have two different styles but it’s good to have diversity in rap battles.I enjoyed watching this battle I wish YouTube didn’t cut off the third battle by Doms. I really enjoyed watching this video and I could never get tired of watching these guys but I think a rematch with one round each should be the deciding factor on who wins this battle. Congratulations on both parties and good luck. There is a lot of talent on ahat so whether you’re from Trinidad or the east/west coast or middle america lets put all the hating bullshit comments away and leave some good comments for these two talented brothers

  7. Greg says:

    I don’t care what any of you guys say kid dome is one of the best mc’s from the east coast to the west coast I’ve watched a lot of rap battles kid doms is one of the best I’ve ever seen

  8. Thizzlamic says:

    True. Dudes at AHAT all pissed ‘cuz they ain’t getting due respect but their crowd rides local dick so hard. Everyone in vegas is Doms’ hype man. Doms is sick but this doesn’t make sense.

  9. Jeremiah Strickland says:

    Doms is beast but I think Syah killed him with his concepts, especially in the third round. Win for Syah.

  10. face says:

    what are u stupid…nobody judging ahat…jus the battle between the two cats….so why is a nigga who’s name rhyme with dick hair behaving like a pussy…so listen dick hair stay free from me cuz i aint in that fuck talk…n have sum bloodclat reason in your comments…and to say trinidad dont have a battle rap scene…boy your mind is missing…further more trinidad contributed a a lot to hiphop/rap music…so grow the fuck up with your dick riding pussy ass dick hair self…peace n love….

  11. Terra2805 says:

    No Hometown voting here, I’m in the UK and this shit wasn’t even close man. Doms is one of the best lyricists I have heard….period. Siyah sounded like all the rest, no originality and his flow is average at best. He was good but Doms is on an entirely different level. The way he constructs and throws down them bars is killa. this wasn’t a battle, it was a masacre…..

  12. dekair says:

    nigga, nobody give a fuck that u from trinidad tobago. u niggaz dont even got a battle rap scene, think about that before u be judging AHAT.

  13. face says:

    yo…am way in trinidad and tobago….and yall muhphockers got to be mad crazy to say doms won that battle,no way in heaven hell earth sky mid air that nigga syah went in and out and body bag dude every good sportsmanship n stop being byass…n am a doms fan but jus keeping it real….

  14. Underground says:

    i’m not in the east or west coast. i’m in the south.. I feel like doms would have gotten the same response if he was on url or uw. syah was good but doms killed it. that was better bars then when he battled kooly bop.

    i’m impressed doms, keep lyricism alive!!!

  15. smitty1428 says:

    See, the voting resembles Home town dick ryda’s! If syah didnt edge that shit out then it was a tie.. U vegas nigga’s got Doms winning by a landslide GTFOH. Yo OD start sending ya battlers over here to the east coast. u niggas starting to act like Boise state alwasys wanna be playing on the blue turf (hometown) get out ya comfort zone come to smack or Pg

  16. danny myers says:

    syah a real cool dude. took a l here but hes a real humble guy. doms is going to be a legend.

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