Donnie Menace vs Grinda


AHAT 47 HWWW3 rap battle Donnie Menace vs Grinda. The long awaited and highly anticipated battle between two of Las Vegas’ favorite MC’s Grinda aka The Green Goblin vs Donnie Menace took place in Las Vegas at the World Famous Johnny Toccos Boxing Gym. See who prevails in this classic toe to toe match. AHAT has become the dominate battle league on the West Coast and one of the biggest battle leagues in the world.


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28 Responses to Donnie Menace vs Grinda

  1. Smiley says:

    Grinda has more than one fan…Grinda: You tried to fuck she said she celibate. you dropped her off i picked her up and put her out and sell a bit…..None of donnie lines comes close..

  2. Smiley says:

    AHAT need better judges because clearly GRINDA WON!!!..Donnie might have more fans but GRinda have more bars,………….if yall looking for jokes go to a comedy show not a rap battle..

  3. Pcity says:

    Donnie MURKED EM CT battle rappers tear shit up for realll!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. emdee says:

    I feel tht…..battle rappin is jst tht, grinda is a battle rapper

  5. emdee says:

    I like grinda, I dnt thnk he gets his jst due…donnie is cool too, he’s jst rapping for laughs tho.

  6. dezzyk says:

    ayo yall some damn foo… i c what the fans like or yall fans lie lmao…

    donnie won simply because grida bars are not that dope lmao…
    i say its 2 1 donnie…

    but i hated his second round so much i didnt vote lmao…GARBAGE round2 bra…

    grinda lost aaah haaa

  7. Hellrazor says:

    soooo wack bars (grinda) over jokes?…gotcha…donnie has bars and jokes

  8. TRU says:

    Grindaaaaaa killed donnie DA GREEN GOBLINNNN

  9. smitty1428 says:

    you want a comedy show.. watch donnie battle. I want bars over jokes..

  10. smitty1428 says:


    What battle were you watchin.. this was not a classic

  11. Hellrazor says:

    this aint url…

  12. YAABUDDY says:

    oh i know that he gets smashed thats why he stays in this league but my argument was that he won that battle in my opinion though

  13. Peril says:

    I can honestly say donnie won all three rounds easy. He spit way more substance and the punchlines were way harder…..passion of the christ in person was dope haha…
    Grindas comments on donnie being a comedian don’t even stand up cuz grinda attempts a similar tactic but fails at it in my opinion.
    Donnie wins hands down. He did his homework and had rebuttals for everything.

  14. Reezy says:

    Donnie always gets destroyed out of AHAT, cause in reality, he ain’t really that good, just saying..

  15. Reezy says:

    Grinda won in my opinion, like URL niggas say, bars over jokes.

  16. OD says:

    Dope classic battle. They both went hard in the paint. Winner = the fans

  17. trick says:

    i agree. 1st round Grinda, 2nd round was a tie and third round to Grinda. Though he did start slow. Donnie did come hard in the 3rd round but Grinda spat some ill bars . Respect to both rappers, the battle was hard.

  18. MeMo says:

    In my opinion, Donnie’s 1st was on the boring side and a bit corny, but he had a couple good lines. Grinda’s 1st was better to me, I like the way he delivered it more, and he’s definitely improved lyrically. So I give Grinda round 1. Donnie’s 2nd was way better, his bars were hilarious..”aHead of your time” “if you acted your age, you would instantly drop” LOL Etc. Grinda’s 2nd was CRAZY, his bars were hitting and he mixed some comedy in it. It looks like a tie for the 2nd round. Donnie’s 3rd was more serious, I personally didn’t think his bars were hitting as hard as they could have, but he definitely had a good amount of dope lines. Grinda’s 3rd started alittle slow for me, the battle was leaning towards Donnie until he did that murderous shit towards the end of his round. I think it was creative, he was doing what Donnie usually does and put it together his own way and it sounded crazy. I give the battle to Grinda. I don’t mind joke bars, but TO much gets boring to me. Donnie use to have crazy bars, but I don’t see any improvement battle wise, out of all respect.

  19. Hellrazor says:

    Wow….umm what a strong opinions you have…honestly i didnt know grinda had a fan but people have this misconception about you should be this or that. as long as its quality, then it really doesnt matter..some due jokes other rap about guns tthey have never held or have some that rap about a life they saw on The Wire…lol..and i didnt know grinda was from Indiana…mmmmm sounds like you know him personally and about the votes…..grinda gets on different computers and votes…inside source lol

  20. YAABUDDY says:

    hatin ass niggas man it dont matter if it was jokes or not dude was still rappin right? so it wouldnt matter casue the words “rap battle” has the word rap in it exactly what donnie was doin grinda was typical man grinda steps outta this league he will get smashed an whens the last time grinda won a battle? so what your sayin is all of AHAT SMACK etc are fake cause all them battle rappin niggas use joke to get the owws and ahhhs so they do all this research on the opponent to spit shitty ass guns lines name flips and personals????? nahhh nigga they do so they can make jokes to i see what your sayin but keep it 100 nigga grinda went hard but he didnt win that battle

  21. Tyskee says:

    Did somebody pay yaw retarded ass niggas to leave this remarkably foolish ass comments! let’s keep this shit real, battle rappin is not about tellin jokes and jivin stupid muhfuccas! Save that for the comedy shows and stand up, improv comedy clubs. FOREAL…all the owww’s and ahhh’s for Grinda was becuz those were deadly lryics when it comes to REAL battle rappin’. Donnie lyrics were like eating a non meat salad and Grinda’s lyrics was like a buffet….full of substance. This battle shoulda been called after round #2 by O.D. Actually Grinda needs to leave AHAT due to the numerous tinker toy rappers thats in it now. AND TO KEEP IT TOTALLY REAL GRINDA IS FROM INDIANA compared to Donnie being from that area and GRINDA still got more crowd reaction and props. That’s why the voting tally is 49 % Grinda to 40% Donnie!

  22. Lilangeleyez says:

    The battle overall was pretty legit. Grinda went mad over the time limits and in doing so wasn’t impressive. Why wasn’t he cut off?? I agree with underground, the crowd reaction was there for grinda, but wtf for? I was expecting way more out of him for all the time he took. Donnie for sure went way harder with less time. third round was a bit of a toss up between the two but if I had to pick a winner, donnie menace all the way.

  23. danny myers says:

    Good shit from them both the fans got a show.

  24. YAABUDDY says:

    YO YO YO am i crazy or did that nigga grinda rap for a long ass time grinda nigga went in an nigga went hard but cmon man that boy donnie a beast donnie won my opinion

  25. Hellrazor says:

    I agree!!!…Donnie got this..but this battle really didnt live up to the hype..Donnie i respect what you do and definitely ahat’s top tier..but!! some of the rhymes are getting opinion..if you are going to the michael myers/slasher rhymes, they gotta be more complex..ive just noticed a drop in ur past few battles..grinda *SIGH*…ALL THIS TIME AND THATS ALL YOU GOT FOR DONNIE!..SMH

  26. No disrespect Underground, but you out your damn mind. Grinda 2-1. His first round was all over the place but rounds 2 and 3, especially 3, Grinda was on fire. Donnie’s round 3 was his strongest, but it still wasn’t enough. Rules are rules and I feel that, believe me I do… but wasn’t nobody tryin to stop Grinda from those long ass rounds cuz you don’t stop a moving train. Sometimes you just gotta let it go down like it’s gotta go down.

  27. Kawky says:

    “You aren’t even old as f*ck, you’re just Ahead of the time”
    Donnie won this !

  28. Underground says:

    Well there is no doubt that Donnie won this battle with a 3-0. His first two rounds were better then his third. But i do have to say Donnie, “you need to step it up” I feel like from the old school donnie to the present there hasn’t been that much of an improvement. I do understand you are doing this for the love “not knocking that” but it seems its just getting old.

    For grinda, i was not impressed at all. I felt that for this whole time you been gone and preparation for donnie, i felt you were not even mediocre. The whole time i was watching and listening to grinda and the crowd was “oooing and ahhing” and i’m wondering what the hell for? I guess we “oooo and ahhhh” for any kinda bar these days. And I do see why you needed extra time on your rounds. Just awful!

    I think the only thing grinda said that was relevant was ” whats been going on while i been gone”, “who are these rappers”… Because not only do i feel the same way but its a good question. Most of these new guys are CORNY! And the utah league they started, needs to be canceled. Unless there is a proving ground thats started.

    Donnie you definitely took it, but step that game up!

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