Fatz vs M. Ciddy


Fatz (Las Vegas) vs M. Ciddy (Detroit) AHAT co-main event rap battle at AHAT 45 Any Means Necessary.
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38 Responses to Fatz vs M. Ciddy

  1. Ass says:

    Yo i feel bad for ciddy, even tho his bars were piddy. He come out all the way to vegas when fatz fucked his anus.

  2. YuP says:

    Funny we are suppose to give our opinion but when is given Low boy here just comes aggressive at you and runs his mouth ROFL. So much for what we think. I guess the only person whos’ opinion matters is Low Boys here. Talk about bein on someones dick. HAHAHA

  3. hottiehaha says:

    yea fatz is way betta bro

  4. hottiehaha says:

    ohhhh hellz ya dats whats up dis shit waz dope but fatz he crushed dat kid haha im waitin to see another video with fatz he da bomb!!!!!

  5. low montana says:

    And im not hatin cuze i would battle him and i dont rap but i wo held kill him

  6. low montana says:

    I hope mciddy see dis and take my advice and just retire frum attle rap cuze dat guy sucķkkkkkkkkkkkks

  7. low montana says:

    M ciddy is trash and need to retire

  8. low montana says:

    You need to rewatch the battle .fatz kilt that dirty lookin fucker

  9. low montana says:

    Shut the fuck up bro you dont no battle rap

  10. low montana says:

    Nigga fats got 60 to 29 on the vote so shut the fuck up.

  11. low montana says:

    Fats got 1 2 and 3 stop being biased because he is white

  12. low montana says:

    Shut the fuck up nigga fatz took that shit and you no that so stop hating and get off of mciddy dick you fag got the only fucking way ya bich ass think mciddy one is if you be gettin fucked in ya butt because thatz ya boyfriend or fatz prob of blee bullied your bitch ass his 3years in jail pussy get a life and don’t respond because i will fuck you up if you want to see me in the streets nigga bx gunhill road allday pussy NYC^^ clown no life ass nigga actin tuff on the internet donut eating ass mother fucka d at p rolly ate his dead dad dy dingaling

  13. low montana says:

    You from the worlds most respected battle leaugue welllłllllll yourr not getin any respect fatz took W no debating

  14. Da blocc says:

    Fatz boddybagggggged mciidy

  15. Rich says:

    Fatz 3 MCiddy 0

  16. Franchyze says:

    Fats murdered Mciddy hands down 3 to zit

  17. Truth Manoleone says:

    Fatz -3 vs M-Ciddy -0 Fatz performance is always on point as usual,Which keeps me entertained.Fatz is always consistent.and Fatz got sum harder lyrics.Fatz had a homefield advantage,but it wouldnt have been different with a Smack URL crowd because M-Ciddy needs to say his barz with his chess and spit his rhymes like it was the meanest shit ever said.

  18. Tk1 says:

    I gave it a tie both them made me laugh, thought the bars were good, good battle!

  19. Close battle but gotta give to MCiddy fatz raw though

  20. TASTE says:

    cmon nigga.. fatz got this.. check the votes, fatz won hands down.. respect to mciddy wit those bars but fatz got this. great job OD

  21. Faust says:

    Fatz won hands down. I seen M Ciddy’s battle with Bill Collector and thought “Man this guy isn’t very good”, but I was surprised at his battle with Fatz. Needless to say, though it was an improvement, it just wasn’t enough. I see how much Fatz has improved during his whole history on AHAT, and I see why he is a champ. As a fair fan, it isn’t a popularity choice why I chose Fatz, the guy has skills plain and simple. Fatz, it was cool to finally meet you, lucky that my girl knew you, and you just so happened to have this battle the weekend I was visiting my girlfriend in Vegas. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more of your battles. I’ll be there for support.

  22. Ball Game! says:

    All Fatz did over M.Ciddy was rap louder. gtfo i’d rather listen to Rosenberg Raw.. AND THAT’S SAYING A LOT!!!!!!!!

  23. Moose says:

    Fatz brought clear bars that connected. Ciddy’s were high too but weren’t as smooth as Fatz.

    Fatz won it easily

  24. daniel says:

    Fatz won that hands down the first round was crazy fatz killed him the first second and third round… give credit tho to m ciddy he did a good job too his bars were just not up to fatz level fatz and kannon really need to battle it will be too good!!!!!

  25. Altitude says:

    1st round Fatz
    2nd round Ciddy
    3rd round Ciddy

    props to Fatz, but Ciddy got’em. Vegas’s crowd needs to step up, those bars weren’t that hard to understand. good thing it didn’t affect Ciddy’s perfomance

  26. Adrian Conflict aka A.Conflict. aka Invincible says:

    Soundsl like a conflict. Fatz went to prison apperently. I dont know him so I really don’t know. But if he did, he learned real quick how to crush people with words in a MENTAL. aspect. Sooo whatever..

  27. Adrian Conflict aka A.Conflict. aka Invincible says:

    Dude 16:58 seconds into the run you do the atlanta braves symbol for “time”. All you do is turn around and laugh and “Fatz” No disrespect to him keeps going. Not fair…

  28. Locash30 says:

    Some of you guys are retarded. I don’t know what the hell you were watching but fatz murdered ciddy easily. Ciddy had some decent bars but he did not have enough punches like fatz. On you guys saying the crowd was bias, you are lame cause the crowd gave ciddy love on his hard bars. I am not bias. I think ciddy has bars but he was not on top of his game this battle and fatz went a lot harder.

  29. Adrian Conflict aka A.Conflict. aka Invincible says:

    Theres nothing to think about if you got the footage…

  30. Admin says:

    This battle was a 3 round battle, two rounds of 2:00 minutes, and one 3:00 minute round. They were allowed to use there rounds however they wanted. Fatz used his 3:00 minute round in the first round. And I believe M. Ciddy used his three minute round in the last round. Both mc’s basically stopped themselves and the end of the round. When they were DONE at the end of the round OD would then step in. So if anybody thinks the time the mc’s were alloted was unfair is not a smart person its pretty obvious they were stopping themselves when they were done, it doesn’t take a genius to know that.

  31. Adrian Conflict aka A.Conflict. aka Invincible says:

    Ok I just watched the battle and what I saw was Fatz is serious about losing weight cause he’s really doing it. Number B. To me Fatz had more time than the other guy to battle but I guess it is kind of irrelevant to people watching because they may have liked him more, but also not fair to his opponent. Number 3. Love the fact that you got candy and benz in the same room at the same time. That’s golden. Number D. Interstate should battle outside his comfort zone. Let’s say he bodied a detroit nigga, I’m just gone flat out say it. But try bodying a detroit nigga in detroit nigga!!

  32. Jon Von Doom says:

    M.Ciddy is dat nigga lmfaooo he was chill/smooth with it. underrated as hell, it looked like he wasnt even trying but he still won.

  33. I'm From Vegas says:

    Damn.. M.Ciddy came with it!! Fatz was getting that homefield advantage for sure. Either Ciddy’s bars just kept goin over everyone’s heads or they were tryna make Fatz look good by staying quiet during Ciddy’s rounds.

  34. RaaZeey says:

    Ciddy won fatz did good but had overhyped by crowd tho

  35. bias voting says:

    all over this site and youtube ciddy won

  36. NorthPole says:

    Man, close battle but i gotta go with ciddy, the crowd just didnt help him

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