AHAT presents Genie vs Playboi Short


AHAT presents Genie vs Playboi Short which took place at AHAT 47 HWWW3 in Las Vegas at Johnny Toccos Boxing Gym. Genie represents Las Vegas and has been doing his thing in AHAT for a couple years. Playboi Short who is new to AHAT as part of AHAT’s newest division AHAT Utah. Playboi Short is considered on of the top tier MC’s in Utah. LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, and FAVORITE to SUPPORT the AHAT Movement, thank you. AHAT has become the dominant battle league on the West Coast and one of the biggest battle leagues in the planet.


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7 Responses to AHAT presents Genie vs Playboi Short

  1. morey says:

    playboy nigga suck he can’t spit shit.
    genie killed it.

  2. Thizzlamic says:

    Short 2-1
    Short was way more consistent 1-3
    Genie came nice in Round 3 but it was too late
    Short was a bit quiet, but that mic is to blame for most of that
    (AHAT needs to test their footage before filming an entire event)
    I’m glad to see some talent out of Utah, but Genie just didn’t show up.
    Lets see some of the greats back up: Doms, Fatz, Refractor, Nov, Donnie

  3. thekidkayo says:

    Short all day 3-0!!!

  4. B Side801 says:

    U serious??? U put short up against this garbage ass cat! When you tellin jokes and you in your hometown and the ppl in your city are barely laughing…..that’s a sign! Playboi 3-0! Genie had a few good punchlines but his consistency was garbage!!!

  5. Funsizetrub says:

    Playboi killed it! No way Genie was even close. Dude didnt make any sense. 801 all day!

  6. TRU says:

    Genieeee Waaaaaay Betturrrrrr playboi came 2 short GENIE ALL DAYYY

  7. eL. G says:

    PlayBoi Short Went in for Utah!! Even at the Newest Chapter of AHAT Utah He is a Factor and will be Contender to Beat NationWide!! Keep Workin em PlayBoi Short!!

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