AHAT presents Grinda vs Juice


Grinda vs Juice presented by AHAT & King Ice hosted by OD & Dirtbag Dan from Grind Time. Grinda reps Las Vegas and Juice reps Los Angeles.

5 Responses to AHAT presents Grinda vs Juice

  1. Anonymous says:

    Grinda was dirty

  2. Renzo says:

    nice beat in the intro.

  3. J. Cole says:

    GRINDA ATE THAT NIGGA!!!!!!! “Drop Back (Waah)…..Drunken Monk Status” hahahahaha

  4. Donald says:

    yo man wtf are yall thinking grinda did not win this by far. for real that shit dumb. neither one was hott hott but Juice did his thing better then grinda. we need that Nov battle.

  5. #Kingzip says:

    grinda edged first two but fell off so juice could tie it up in the 3rd.

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