Heartless vs Core The Emcee


Heartless (California) vs Core (Texas). AHAT Texas presents this classic battle between Heartless, who has battled in Smack/ Urltv & Grind Time and has battled MC’s such as Calicoe, B Magic, Shotgun Suge, Big Kannon and more. Core is the President of AHAT Texas and has been a dominant MC in Texas for years.

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2 Responses to Heartless vs Core The Emcee

  1. Taz says:

    Eh, Core did a good job. To bad Heartless didn’t prepare really you can tell. I think personally if you put 10k on the line I bet the battle would have a different result. It’s a shame to see Mc’s take a battle but don’t perform to what you know they can. Maybe AHAT Texas will have better luck with the next Mc that comes out.
    Good show anyways.

  2. yoMAMA says:

    Heart needs to leave it alone. go practice or sumtin.

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