AHAT presents Juice vs Cali Smoov


AHAT California presents Juice vs Cali Smoov. This classic rap battle took place at AHAT 46. With special guest Daylyt & Philly Swain hosted by OD & R&B. “AHAT THE HOTTEST BATTLE LEAGUE ON THE PLANET”

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2 Responses to AHAT presents Juice vs Cali Smoov

  1. Jdub says:

    That boy Cali Smoov is a MONSTER!!!! Juice brought it too but damniiiit! I would love to see Cali vs Nov … different styles but would be a instant classic!

  2. Taz says:

    Wow ! Cali Smoov took it maybe Juice was a lil cocky and didn’t think he would have to work hard for this battle to win. But, I see Cali Smoov came prepared either way he won fair and square. Much respect to both MC’s I hope AHAT puts on another good battle with Cali Smoov. OD you should see who else in AHAT would like to try there bars out with Cali Smoov. LOL!

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