AHAT presents Kass vs Quez


5 Responses to AHAT presents Kass vs Quez

  1. Xpl$t says:

    Thing about online voting its whoever has more fans. Hands down Kass took it, more metaphores, longer flows, confidence and delivery was good on both sides. If Quez was a little more consistent then he could’ve had a chance but all these Night Breed fans will make sure he wins it anyways… shame smh

  2. KingZip# says:

    quez has trouble spittin his bars every battle man. THIS motherfuckers rap name should be okwurdz

  3. skyler says:

    quez sucks, cant rap for 30 secs your last round and think your gunna win

  4. M.jeezyy says:

    Quez killed it :).

  5. Ice Cold says:


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