AHAT presents Konflict vs The Deadman | rap battle


The Deadman vs Konflict presented by AHAT Cali at AHAT 46 which took place in IE, San Bernardino California.

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10 Responses to AHAT presents Konflict vs The Deadman | rap battle

  1. Kenneth Merritt says:

    Konflict finally got 1

  2. GENIETHAGOD says:

    Konflict 3-0 bodybag FOLLOW ME @GENIETHAGOD

  3. underground says:

    My computer I would like to congratulate. Because it seems to stop working when lame battles and bars are playing. I’ve trained it well

    Both these guys were garbage from the only one round i heard from each. compared to bars that have talent, these were not even mediocre. There is definitely more energy going into appearances and attitudes then there is going into writing.

    Oh and to the guy who said “the deadman” appeared to be flexing to much. Its actually all the lactic acid he has in his muscles from diet and strenuous exercise causing the muscles and ligaments to be stiff and rigid. lack of flexibility = the robotic tense movements you saw.

  4. Alena R says:

    they both were ok.. -seeme

  5. Meiqua says:

    Nice… #watchme

  6. dezzyk says:

    i dont usually do this but im upset at the fans
    we need on the spot judges…

    wow ima have to say its the fans again….
    konflict lost clearly…
    deadman u did your shit…

  7. i love dezzyk says:

    even with his 2 stumbles u guys think he won? bad judges.

  8. Hellrazor says:

    well…hmmmm….in all honesty i stopped listening after the first round cause deadman seems like he cares more about flexing with he raps and konflict is still falling off when he raps..i just dont know anymore (i give up voice)..ahat was a league i thought was on the rise but its like the talent is severely watered down..dont know if its because ahat paying these guys and they heart is not it…OD start a league where these guys have to develop their talent and once they are consistent with their battles and bar THEN bring em to ahat Vegas..filter out some of the people who aint ready yet!!!!

  9. Marlon says:

    doppeee – peach

  10. deadman got killed, green

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