AHAT presents Lil Sexxy vs Yung Pop


AHAT presents 16 yr old rapper Lil Sexxy vs Yung Pop from AHAT 47 HWWW3 in Las Vegas. Lil Sexxy who has been battling in AHAT since he was 14 one of the most popular MC’s in AHAT. He has accumulated some crazy views with his battles against 16 year old Miles Low, nerd, and the juggalo. Lil Sexxy reps Las Vegas while Yung Pop is from San Bernardino California and has been making a name for himself with impressive battle performaces in California. See who willl prevail in this heated battle. AHAT has become the dominant battle league on the West Coast and one of the biggest battle leagues in the world. LIKE, COMMENT, FAVORITE, AND SHARE to support the AHAT Movement, thank you.




13 Responses to AHAT presents Lil Sexxy vs Yung Pop

  1. jarred pride says:

    lil sexy suck

  2. yung pop says:

    i tried to call u just now to c y u wildin lol no extra shit but u choked in both of the 2/3 rounds u should of had 2 begin with so 2 say i lost is crazy real rap shit….if u chose to freestyle thats yo own fault u sound like royal t and u just got cooked out n utah… how the battle got turned out was fucked up by it being at the end of the night but i got sumthin coming out soon that discusses all my battles etc. u took a l my man its not that bad u just used bad judgment n that battle just learn n move on bcuz poll or no poll u kno u lost….it took 6 months to change n your favor i really dont care about the views or the polls…its bars over evrything maybe we can get the rematch one day… o yea u sayin the homie writing for me hahahahaha u reach my nigga hahahaha

  3. Lil Sexxy says:

    You know CB wrote for you nigga, keep it One thowww wwwwooooowww!

  4. Lil Sexxy says:

    Thanks for those who KNOW i won, I one: Freestyled the whole battle (hard as hell to do), you can tell when miles low said “spit some writtens or summin”. He is wack, because CB admitted to writing his shit. And my “waste of ink, like tattoing Ratchit”, is a classic. #BARS #FliGang_Or_Die

  5. David Anderson says:

    Lil Sexxy is under rated, he is lyrically up there with the best. His Chasity belt line was ridiculous!!!!!!!!1

  6. yung pop says:

    You’re obviously retarded if you think little sexy won

  7. Mikalah says:

    Lil Sexxy won. No if , ands , or buts.

  8. Dizzy so wavy says:

    Lil sexy usually goes hard he slacking cuz he aint been battling so he aint take it serious but he signed to a label who else in ahat can say that

  9. Hellrazor says:

    Learn how to speak and type lol…damn that was rough getting through…no one hates on young pop we are only stating the facts..when he beats someone with some skills not that lil sexy doesnt.. but he aint donnie,nov,fatz,danny,or even spartacus..soo when he wins and battle against someone on there level, then he will garner some respect..but young pop runs his lips too much and thats why we the fans speak…never confuse hating with the truth

  10. 909 GOON says:

    he won the battle get out of here wit dat gay shit u always hate on any nigga 4rm the west like the homie yung pop stop being a bitch and congratulate a nigga instead of being a afg ass fan boy if he lost there would b no o thisis his1st timeol pussy shit that i saw tha lilnigga chocked st8 up and down no wayaround it So when ppl use a concetied slow it down they shouldb punished u sound dumb he quoted the bar obviously 2 break downa situation the homie yung popis puttin on 4 da 909 aNd u fagz b hatin on dis nigga and he won the battle

  11. Thizzlamic says:

    Sorry for the hate. On the real, the dude is 16 and got skill. I’d like to see him keep developing. A lot will happen for this kid over the next 4 years.

  12. Thizzlamic says:

    Get off Sexxy’s d…. stub. He couldn’t even hit 60 seconds, let alone 90. Why would anyone vote for him.
    Real talk: Sexxy got the views cuz he got smashed by the white dude, and it’s hella funny to watch it happen.

  13. Hellrazor says:

    hmm..So OD what will be Young Pop’s punishment for Loaded Lux line?? lol… i mean if you are going to use someone else’s line at least site the reference smh…he said that shit like it was his..sigh

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