Nov vs Big Kannon


Big Kannon traveled from Chicago for this co-main event battle. Big Kannon is known for battling in URL and has battled Young Kannon | Swave Sevah | Heartless | & M. Ciddy to name a few. Nov has established himself as one of AHAT’s most popular MC’s with one of the most popular battles on the Internet (Artisan vs Nov). Nov vs Big Kannon took place in Las Vegas at AHAT 45 Any Means Necessary. | | Follow @od702 @therealAHAT

28 Responses to Nov vs Big Kannon

  1. Shak Nasty says:

    Always been a fan of nov! However big kannon went off! Showed that he could come off the top! This sets up a fatz vs big kannon battle!

  2. Trae Silence says:

    how you figure you gona kill anyone when you cant spell? kill yourself.

  3. Trae Silence says:

    who is this montana kat? why he always got something to say when somebody vote for Kannon? You obviously a dick rydah, Bronco Bill. Kannon won that battle. It WAS close, but Kannon brought something to AHAT that it hasnt seen in a while… something NEW… AND good. Nov…. well, Nov is Nov. I always liked Nov… But he aint change shit up for years…. still the same bars he spits. Not much creativity. Yeah… he had some wordplay…. but all in all…. it was just a 3 round fat joke mixed with some usual Nov-typical, gunplay bars… Kannon hit him off with alot of different angles. I liked his style. I give it to Kannon 2-1.

  4. low montana says:

    Scared to reeeply huh now pussy

  5. low montana says:

    Cheif keef voice nah nah. Stupid comment dum peepl_elz dat tha shiot i donnt licke

  6. low montana says:

    Ill punch u n tha face wen i see u fo sayn thata dum shitt

  7. low montana says:

    Fuc no lux will k ill both of them fags and you sound dum comparin fatman to lux shithead

  8. low montana says:

    Stop dickri ding u stink fucker they are both trash

  9. low montana says:

    They both trash i wood kill theem both to tel u the truth

  10. oh my GOD, Kannon killed Nov.

  11. smithnwesson says:

    BK bodied nov

  12. nov won he freestyles the rest dont

  13. Bryan Rhodes says:

    Nov came hot. Kannon was just on another level.

  14. iaMTheBronx says:

    Big Kannon caught that 3-0 body. Nov just had to much jokes , and Big K’s bars were to clean and plush which out shined Nov this time. People please don’t be biased. Vote fairly. ” You can’t put A.H.A.T on , until you can put A Hat on . ” #NuffSaid

  15. Jdub says:

    2-1 Big Kannon … Nov was a beast as usual but wasnt enough today ….

  16. Taz says:

    Are you serious my dude? I will say Nov worked hard on that battle but he lost my dude. BK won check the crowd and the votes plus his delivery was better to. Genie if you keep that mind frame up you better be careful other wise you may see your self take a L from Playboi Short. Please show up prepared and not drunk or high no excuses and lets see a good solid battle in Jan. Not hatting on nobody I speak truth because I am a real dude. TIME!

  17. Willsteel says:

    Yeah bro big Kannon been spitting like that lux is the one that adopted his

  18. ThatUncutRaw says:

    Now, I’ve never seen Big Kannon rap before, so maybe it’s the other way around, but dude sounded A LOT like Loaded Lux at Summer Madness 2 (I’m talkin everything about him; delivery, schemes, even the way he was moving his hands sometimes). Maybe it’s Lux that was sounding like Big Kannon, but somehow I don’t think that’s the case. Either way, I gave it to Kannon, cuz he was blacking out in that shit. That 2nd round was funny as fuck too. It wasn’t a body bag by any means though. Nov came with it, and it was close. If it turns out Kannon was biting Loaded Lux’s style, then I’d give it to Nov, but otherwise, Big Kannon won that.

  19. Almighty says:

    I fuck wit nov but I gotta keep it real Big Kannon got on his helmet would love to see a round 2..

  20. fr3sh says:

    Big k kill that nigga lame ass

  21. ramo says:

    i think that big kannon won that battle . and i think that nov did his thing but it wasn t that goood that was a good battel i wish that will be a rematch so othat nov can bring some new shit to the table.

  22. Kmstayintrue says:

    I’m a nov fan but kannon one upd nov every round. Dude came hard

  23. Underground says:

    Big Kannon killed him! Anybody who thinks nov won means they can’t understand rhymes/bars pass sesame street level. So i really don’t blame you nov fans. Just mean you can’t comprehend it. !!!!

  24. Hellrazor says:

    What r the fools at the top talking bout?..Kannon should get 25 to life for that MURDER!!…HAHAHAHA..Nove started off “ok” but then fell back into the typical nov bars..Kannon 3-0

  25. daniel says:

    kannon killed him his bars were really sick nov is still a beast but he got that L.

  26. smitty says:

    WTF.. You hometown dick rida’s.. Kannon bodied that nigga in the 1st and 2nd rd the 3rd was charity listen to the crowd reaction. Look at Od everytime Kannons punchlines hit. I mean damm even Nov knew he took the L he kept given Kannon respect after every fuccn bar. Even Fats felt Nov let the roster down. You can see it in his face everytime Nov spit like nigga really you said that weak ass shit. You Ahat niggas need to get on Fatz level he holding the whole ahat brand on his back. Nov lost that shit 3-0

  27. kells says:

    Nov won that shyt.

  28. GENIETHAGOD says:


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