AHAT presents Sin City Nyce vs Shidog | rap battle


AHAT presents AHAT 47 How the West Was Won 3 (HWWW3): Sin City Nyce vs Shidog. Sin City Nyce who is a bar mc and represents Las Vegas faces Shidog who traveled from the IE representing AHAT Cali division. AHAT has become the dominant battle league on the West Coast.


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12 Responses to AHAT presents Sin City Nyce vs Shidog | rap battle

  1. TRU says:

    Sin City Nyce EASY

  2. Hellrazor says:

    hahahahahah ok? why not 3 feet?

  3. smitty1428 says:

    ten toes down nigga learn to stand on ya own 2 feet

  4. Hellrazor says:

    some of them out of towners lack substance..get off my nuts

  5. Dmart121 says:

    Yo y sin city bitin king Los raps listen to Los dark fantasy and listen to sin second round stole the lil b cookin dance line

  6. smitty1428 says:

    ever post you got on here you be cosigning dez vegas niggas.. iyou dont even give the out of towners any luv….. you need to get an ahat tat on ya ass. loyal azz nigga

  7. Thizzlamic says:

    Shidog 2-1 but I AIN’T CONVINCED.
    They both lack knockout power.

  8. Hellrazor says:

    ummm i dont live in vegas..you obviously are a friend of shydog lol

  9. smitty1428 says:

    You abunch of home town dic rydas… all 3 of ya got matchn hello kitty thongs
    the fans are speaking shidog ziped’em up 2-1

  10. Hellrazor says:

    are you crazy!!! lol…slydog or whatever the fuck his name is was OOOOKKKK at best..and yes sin third was not the best…did you hear shydog first 2 mins?? it was like the long ass bars that built up to nothing lol..and his punchlines were toilet paper soft

  11. Underground says:

    Sin city Nyce 2- 1

    Sin city first two rounds hit harder then this third.. I felt shy dog took the third.

    This was a open close battle,, Nothing else to say..

  12. Hellrazor says:

    Sin City 3-0..nuff said

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